I had a quick 25 min session where I was up $15. Everything went my way. Here are a few hands and some profitable spots that I got myself into. Ill also explain my thought process for these hands.

It's good to have quite a profitable session just after making the jump up to 5NL and it will give me a lot of confidence for my next session. I played all these hands on 5NL 6-max zoom tables. I have 4 tables of this sort up at once during my session to help my patience and to get more hands in a shorter space of time.

Raise to 15c from the cutoff and a shove from a small 30BB stack. Im guessing im ahead of the shortstack but I don't want to shove over the top as the initial raiser will only call with hands that are crushing me. I decide to call (a fold would also be fine here). Dream flop, hit a queen. I Check for deception and im not getting called by much worse and might get a bet from A10 or jacks e.t.c. Decide to bet the turn for value and large stack opponent folds. I win the pot.

I re-raise the button with jacks an get called. Safe flop so I c-bet just over half the pot. Turn brings 3 cards for a str8 but I think it's unlikely hes holding J10 so I shove the turn for about the pot to get a call from a 10  or a hand similar to the one he's holding.

Small stack raises to 15c so I raise to 40c. On the flop I bet less than the pot knowing that if he calls then he is commited. Instead he shoves and it's an easy call with aces. Turns out he was on a random bluff.

UTG raises and I re-raise to 40c. I think call is fine here too. I c-bet the flop quite big as I feel that has'nt hit his ranges that hard (only AQ and QQ hit). He calls. The turn is a blank. I decide to bluff the turn representing AA or KK. I feel like I can fold out medium pocket pairs up to JJs, random floats and sometimes even AQ if he's playing super tight. He folds.

I re-raise the limper with a decent hand on the button to isolate him and he calls. Great flop so I bet for value. Relatively safe turn (although QJ gets there) and a blank on the river so I bet both streets for value.

I call on the button with 5s on the button, trying to hit a set. I float the flop as I feel Ill have the best hand a lot of the time. He bets quite small on the turn (a weak bet which probably means he has a small over-pair), I call figuring I have 6 outs (14%) quite a marginal call, couldve folded here. The river brings 4 cards to a straight and he bets well under half the pot (another weak bet) I decide to represent a Jack, knowing that I'm probably only gonna get called by a Jack or a 6. I have 0% equity to win the $1.62 pot if I fold so for the bet to be profitable he has to fold over 50% of the time which I think he will.

I raise the cutoff with suited connectors and get called in the BB. I c-bet the flop with top-pair. When he raises it doesnt make much sense apart from pocket 9s through to Jacks or a set. He's giving me a good price so I call. The turn is a blank and I call his small bet on the turn. He checks the river and I check behind knowing that im not getting called by worse.

These were just the significant hands from my session. I picked up quite a few smaller pots along the way.

I'd appreciate any feedback you would like to share on the hands above.

If you have any questions then please ask.

Cheers, NZbro286