Ive been putting in a few sessions this week that have been dedicated to 6-max zoom play. Ive managed to gain around $20 in the week over the course of my play. I think 6-max zoom can be quite profitable. Reasons why: 1. Your versing different players every hand who aren't familiar with your style-you can do some nice bluffs relitively safely adn generally play more agressively and looser than normal. 2. On 2NL a lot of the players are complete fish who play zoom- You'll often end up stacking a guy who shipped it with top or second pair with an ave. kicker. 3. If your having a bad session then you can just play tighter and wait for a decent hand without getting too bored. 4. You can get through around 800 hands an hour on just two tables.

I just played a quick 45 min - 1 hour session and was up around $6 despite running into 2 coolers. Here are a few of interesting hands from my session.

I think pre-flop my play was a little loose but I think it's profitbale as im isolating the guy who limped (who is quite likely to be a fish). On the flop when it checks to me i think it's profitable to put out a small c-bet as ill probably pick up the pot around 40% of the time. When the turn is a heart I decide to barrel quite big to rep a hand like KQ, KJ AK, and to build a pot if I hit my flush. I reckon Ill pick up the pot here a lot. In this case he raises. When he raises I think he's gonna have a king in his hand or if im unlucky a full house. He raises quite small so Im calling 34c into a $1.50 pot (around 4 1/2 to 1). Bingo I hit my flush on the river. Then he shoves and it's quite an easy call although he might have a full-house. When he shows A7 Im quite suprised as im not sure if thats a bluff or value.. on higher stakes it's an obvious bluff but on 2NL with a limper im really not sure.

Pretty standard pre-flop. On the flop I just decide to call to disguise my hand and because I don't think many hands are calling a raise apart from hands that im gonna stack on future streets anyway. Turn is a blank and he barrels again. He's probably got an over-pair or a jack in his hand when he does this so I decide to raise as he's probably calling with those hands. When he shoves it's an easy call as I think he's doing this with KJ, QJ or maybe AA or KK enough for the call to be profitable. He shows 77. He played this hand horribly. Again im not sure if this was a bluff or not but I suspect it was a fish trying to value bet a real average hand.

Standard pre-flop-isolating the limper. I c-bet the flop with a good draw and two over cards. When he raises here I feel like he's gonna have QJ AJ KJ here a lot of the time. I figure that im shoving 70 more cents into a pot of $1.80 which is around 40% of the pot. I feel worst case scenario Im at around 30-35% equity and best case scenario which I feel is gonna happen most of the time im at around 50-55% equity. I think this shove is profitable. Worst case scenario is the case but fortunately I hit my straight.

This is just a cooler as at 2NL im never folding kings and I don't think it's profitable to fold them.

Pre-flop is a little loose, although im in position. Flop I decide to just flat his/her c-bet for the same reasons as the second hand. On the turn I shouldve raised for the same reasons as the second hand but for some reason I felt like he/she would have AJ most of the time so I just flatted. The guy/girl hit's a 1 outter and stacks me with the sickest river card possible.

I think calling the 3-bet is profitable because im in position. I decide to check back the flop as I don't want to get raised and for a little deception. Turn is an ace and he bets quite small. I think I shouldve raised here as but I feel calling is fine. I think calling is a decent option because if he bets the river then he's effectively commited and can shove on him and I think im gonna have the best hand a lot of the time when i do that. The plan works out when he barrels again and he makes a shocking call with 9s as he's not beating anything but a bluff which im never doing there, ever.

If you have any feedback on any of the hands above then I'd appreciate that

My bankroll is now up to just over $117 now and im GTD $10 from a promotion which ill get on Monday so it's effectively $127