After I managed to lose around $13 in less than a day, my deficite is now down to around $7. I started the session today with a $9 deficite from my losses and I manged to grind out a couple of dollars even though I feel like I was quite unlucky. I think my EV was around $4 for the session. Here are a couple of hands from my session.

This guy was playing quite tight and so I was thinking about folding but there was too much money in the pot and I thought he'd turn up with Jacks AK or AQ ,possibly AJ enough for it to be profitable. LOL!!

I made quite a small raise at the end to induce a shove, (or a call from a marginal hand), from hands similar to the one that he was holding. He did very well to not go broke. In hindsite I shouldve raised to 90c at the end.

My BR in now $91.10