Wow... Just finished a terrible session where I ran into quite a few coolers where I was stacked. I think I was stacked twice and the remaining 1-2 $s was just down to tilt and getting rivered a couple of times.

Here are a couple of my biggest losses.

I think shoving with queens is generally profitable as I think He could easily turn up with AQ, JJ or maybe some smaller pocket pairs. Ive seen some people shove with stuff like J,10 KQ, AJ, A10 before in similar circumstances. I dont think I can get away from queens there.

Again I dont think I can get away from top 2 in this situation as I think he is turning up with AK there almost all the time or maybe even A3 or even something like AJ or A10 if he is fishy enough. A set of 3s or a multi-draw isnt out of the question though. Given the chance of him having a set of queens or aces is decreased because I am holding one of each, I dont think it is possible to get away from that hand given the circumstances.


I had a -$1.50 session earlier today aswel when a guy sucked out on me when I got it all-in on the flop, and was the 80% favourite, in a $6 pot.

Unfortunately my bankroll is now down to around $82.30 which is disappointing

Im going to get $8 from this promotion on monday so once I get that im gonna put this session behind me and move my bankroll in the right direction

I guess the worst thing to do now is to start doubting my game. Swings happen and although I was down a large amount, even if I was on my best game id have been down atleast $4.

If you think I couldve played either of those hands better then please leave a comment