I just tried a small buy-in tourney (45 man 25c) to see how I would go. Anything that I won would go towards more tourneys similar to it. I ending up doubling up quite early when I raised in MP with pocket 3s hoping to hit a set. 4 players called my 3x pf raise and luckily I hit a set on the flop. 3h Kd 6d. I managed to stack this guy who had K7 after the turn and river were both jacks. I was playing quite tight and was down to around 1.5x my original stack as the field narrowed down to 20. I was on the big blind with AJ. My stack was 2250 and the blinds were 50/100. Cut-off and button both limped and the small blind folded. Pot was 350 so I decided that I didnt want to play AJ out of position so I shoved all-in on them. The cut-off called with QJ off-suit. Pot was 4650 and he hit a flush when the board came out all clubs. If id won that id have had an above ave. chipstack for the final 15. 7 places were paid so id have had a nice chance of cashing. AlthoughI was knocked out in 20th I had around a 65% chance to be in the final 15 with a nice sized chipstack. I think these tourneys are quite profitable so any money that I get from freerolls is gonna be dedicated to these tournaments. I have only played in one of these tourneys so im not 100% sure if they are profitable but hopefully they should be in the long run

My BR is now at $23.60 from that small loss.