I recieved $2 more from the bankroll builder promotion to put me up to $23.30. In one of my first few hands I ran into a bit of a cooler which lost me around $1. 

I was on 6-max. I was dealt pocket 8s on the small blind. UTG limped and it folded to me. I raised to 8c. BB folded and UTG called. He had around $1 to start the hand and was the effective stack. Flop came Ad 8d 5c. Bingo i hit middle set. I checked to him hoping that he would bet an ace but he checked behind. Turn came 4c which brought some more draws into play. I bet 12c into a pot of 18c and he insta shipped it all-in for 92c. There were only 2 hands that beat me, pocket aces and 67 but neither of them really made any sense due to pre-flop play. I thought a set of 4s or 5s was more likely so I called off his betand he showed 67 and the river didnt pair the board so I lost the pot. 

That brought my BR down to $23.30 but I managed to get it up to $23.60 in the following 10 mins.