I cashed for 70c in the FPP turbo tournament. I think I played quite well in the tourney and i came 96th out of a field of about 2700 without getting lucky. I won a couple of big coin flips to get me up to around 30k. I lost almost all my chips in one pot where i picked up QQ in MP. Blinds were 1500/3000 (i had an average stack). UTG+2 raised to 9000 and UTG+3 shipped it for 20k and i re-shipped it for 30k and UTG+2 folded creating a pot of around 52k. UTG+3 showed A8 and he flopped an ace and i lost the pot. I lost my last 10k in a coin-flip with pocket 9s. If i won that flip id have been back over 30k. The winner of the tourney got $75 so i am a little disappointed with my result. If id won the QQ hand id have an average stack for the top 50 which wouldve been interesting. 

My BR is now up to $21.30