I played quite a bit this morning after I failes to do well in a couple of freerolls. I was card dead for a long time when I first started apart from one hand where I had pocket kings and flopped quads. I grinded out like 9c in the session which was ok given I was down almost $1 at one stage. 

I came back for a quick session right now where i picked up JJ, KK and KK again in the space of 3 hands! I was new to the table so they thought i was some super crazy/ agressive pre-flop player by the time I picked up my 2nd lot of KK. 

With the jacks someone raised UTG quick big to 4BB so i just flatted on the big blind. Flop came 2s, 7c, Jc giving me the nuts. UTG bet 12c into the pot of 17c so i raised him to 26c hoping that he had an overpair or AJ possibly or even the nut flush draw and wiuld shove on me. Unfortunately he folded.

First lot of pocket kings I raised to 3x and everyone folded.

Second lot I raised from the button to 3x and the small blind raised me to 18c, BB folded so I made it 36c hoping to induce an all-in. He flatted. Flop came 2s, 4c, 7h which was a decnt flop for me . Pot was 74c and he was the effective stack with about $1.70 behind. He checked to me. I bet 40c and he called. Pot was $1.54. Turn was another 7d. He checked to me again. I bet 60c (quite small but it left him with 70c left on the river if he called which I thought would commit him.) He called. Pot was $2.74. Turn was 6h. He checked to me. I put him all-in for 70c and he folded.. Yes thats right he folded a 70c bet with about $3.50 in the pot. Im guessing he had A3 for a busted wheel draw but most likely he had a pocket pair 8s through to jacks. 

That pot brought my BR over $20


Sorry I couldnt use the handreplayer because I played these hands on the mobile version of pokerstars which doesnt allow u to view previous hands.