Sorry, Couple of days since last update. 

A couple of days ago I placed 4th in a freeroll with 66 entrants for $1 and then i played a little bit on the tables for a small profit and was up to $16.80.  This morning i hit the tables and had a pretty bad run and was severely card-dead was down around 80c. I went on zoom and played a few hands. I finally received a decent hand, pocket 10s. It was 6-max. I was on around $2. Middle position ($2.50) raised to 4c, button called (he had about $1). I raised from the small blind to 12c. BB folded and both called. Pot was $0.38. Flop was 3h, 4s, 6s. I bet just under 30c and both called. I was a little confused as to what they were holding..  Middle pocket pairs, flush draws, straight draws or maybe they had paired the board. Turn came Kh. Pot was about $1.20. I checked with $1.50 behind. MP checked and the button shipped it for about 60c. I didnt put him on a king. I had good odds for the call  and i was tilted so i called. MP folded. Button showed Kc 10h. Not sure if i played that bad or not. Im a little confused by his float with K10 on the flop... Very confused. I dont think he played that well either.

That brough my BR down to $14.90.

I played a session this afternoon after i was off tilt. I found a couple of good tables and i recieved some good hands including jacks, kings and aces in the space of around 20 hands. I got a decent pot  with the jacks (around 40-50c) and i won a pretty large pot with the kings (around $1). Both pots were against the extremely loose and spewy player to my right. . Failed to get much with the aces however. I misclicked to 20c and everyone folded. I continued to do some decent plays and i picked up a lot of small-medium pots.

After my afternoon session my BR is up to aound $16.70