I recieved the first $2 from the bankroll builder promotion. I then played a little bit of zoom where i won a pot of about $3.60. My bankroll is now at about $11.50 which gives me some breathing space on $1.60 buy-in tables. The $3.60 pot was a strange hand where two people slow played it. I raised UTG with pocket queens to 6c (3x) on a 6-max zoom table. The player on the button called, blinds folded. Flop came 2h, 6c, Qd which gave me the nuts. I decided to slow play since i figured he didnt hit the board (2 queens already gone and i didnt put him on a big pocket pair because he didnt raise preflop. I didnt put him on a 6 or 2 either.) i checked it over to him, giving him a chance to take a stab at the 15c pot. He checked. Turn came 9c producing a club draw. I checked hoping he would make a bluff. He checked. River came 9s giving me a full-house (only hand that beat me was pocket 9s). I bet 10c hoping to get called. He raised me to 30c. I re-raised to 60c. He re-raised to 90c. I shoved putting him all-in. He snap-called. He turned over pocket sixes (the second nuts on the flop). I won the pot. He probably put me on trip nines. I wouldnt say that i played well in this hand, its just one of those hands that plays itself.