I was the chip leader of yesterdays tournament when I got to the final table, everyone wanted to split the pot.  This was a $15 tourney with a guaranteed $1500 there were 10 players at the final table and only 6 would get paid the short stacks insisited and others followed, but I was on the fence.  I have only made it to the final table a few times but have never come in at the top 3 in a live tourney.  I wanted to continue playing.  I Had a strong stack and wasn't up against the greatest of players I felt like I had a shot!!  There was one other guy who felt like me and he backed me up.  The players agreed to give us $40 more so that we would chop.  We caved and agreed.  I walked away with 190 and was happy but also disappointed we didn't continue playing.  Next time I will  not give in so easily.