My goals for October were pretty simple.

Reduce my early outs, make it to the cash more. So far so good.

In September, I went out early (before 50% of the field) 37 times in 69 games, and half of those were super early (before 70% of the field) and only cashed 3 times. I finished at 1538.

So far in October, I've shaved the super early finish count down to three, and upped my cash finishes to eight. I'm flirting with 1700 points and I became active thanks to the SNG quiz promotion and several hours at the cash tables.

I've yet to make it as close to a final table in October, my best finish being 40 ( in Sept. I finished 14 & 21) but once my play is more solid, that should come.

I'm still working to overcome a few gaps in my game, Iike the frustration of watching "unplayable" starting hands turn into flushes, straights, boats, and quads. I need to become more adept at turning connectors into straights and flushes. I just wish the dealer would be more cooperative!