Sunday Oct 10, 2010 Yesterday was a good day.
I started off joining the Suited Aces study group, where ROEye gave a talk on betting and odds. Learned a thing or two I hadn't read.
Left the group at noon (PT) to play the third PSO tourney of the day. Finished that in 76th (out of 1065) which was good for $.02 and bumped me about 1000 ranks, back to 1100 and change. Because I went deep in that game, I passed on the start up of the fourth game.
I tried my hand at a 9-seat $3.40 NL turbo with one of the tickets I received for passing the SNG test. and finished 3rd for $5.40.
Then while I waited for 5pm, I messed around in the $.01/.02 Ring games and picked up during the course of the day, earning about $3.66. All told yesterday was good for a better than doubling of my bankroll.
Oh, yeah, and I played in the NAPL Freeroll at 5pm and went out 46th, earning me a ticket to the Level 2 for Sunday. A good day.