So, today is the 6th of February, the $11 Sunday 1/4 Million was a bust for me.  But I started the PSO earlier this month and said, "you can do it".   I looked at the 215 Sunday Millions and with no bankroll, draw on my FPP's.   I searched and seen a mega turbo to the Sunday Millions and said OK.   And with what I learned in the short few days, I placed first and received my first ticket to the Sunday Millions (SUPER HIGH).  oh my god.

But then, it started.  My first hand  8's.  The flop, JK8.  Yeah right.  Trips, bet 1k, raised 1k, reraised 1k.  the turn, K.  What What.  Full house on my first hand.   Raise 2.5k.  reraised.  What What.  yes there s a flush, but i got a boat.   He raised me all in.  How could I fold.  Well I should have.  He had poket JJ.

Oh how my highs went to lows.  But wholly wholly, gotta say I made it.  Out 6446 place. 

Dang what a learning experience. Not a bad beat  but darn close.