Hello Everyone, i have not ben to pokerstar's in a long. i've been in school getting my degree in IT. But i'm in between terms and thought with my spare time i would play a game or 2 of poker. and look what i found pokerstars has started a poker school. which i think is cool and about time, but enough of that back to who i am. My name is John. i have been playing poker now for about 7 years. i have read a few poker books to help me with my game and it has done me well. i started playing at PurePlay.com back in 2003. and only after a few months i made the top 100 list of money winners there with a total of $5265.00 won in just a few months of playing. After playing there and winning i came to pokerstars and started playing and i got to say there are allot of donkeys here. people either don't care or have no brain at all. i have had good days and bas day playing poker but like a book a read a while go said. Poker is a game that will have it's up's and down's just like everyday life. so get used to it. For right now i'm still learning the game and having fun. in the future i would like to play at the WSOP just once, just to say that i played in the WSOP. my big dream is to go Pro and follow the WSOP all over the world. maybe just a pipe dream but it's still a dream. good luck to all and remeber skill will out last luck in the long run.