I spend my time helping others (monkeys not excluded) hit three outers. I am not feeling the love for all my efforts.

I mange to break even at 6 Max micros by wearing gloves to protect my virtual fingers from frost bite inflected by the coldest deck I have ever encountered. I would be negative on FullTilt if not for my modest rake back.

I play a few single table SNGs. I think I do this to make sure I get as much misery for my buy in as I can. Typically I play in 10, 5 and 2 dollar, 9 seat games . My current bankroll would only survive the minimum $20 SNGs with no cashes. I have played the $20 SNGs with some success. So far I always move back down to $5 and $2 SNGs to keep my balance as stated. It takes less time to get back.

I play mostly during the day between 6:30 am and 4 pm EST. I recently started playing

Spending time with these particular monkeys has been a chance to grow as a person and a poker player.

I emjoy the PSO.


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