I always see people with less then 1000 chips just playing rags. If you are patient you can come back from much less chips than that. with about 1100 players still left, had some bone head almost take me out with some rags..i believe it was 8-3 suited. after a 4bb raise he re-raise. i pushed with top pair and Ace kicker. needless to say he caught his flush on the river. Now down to 85 chips. i folded for the next 40 mins just waiting for the right moment. then with the field already down to 850 players...i got my chance 99 with nobody raising. one call. and a double up. next hand 66. No raise so i pushed again.. this time 3 calls pulled it out again. then before i knew it i was back up 2800 in chips with less than 600 players. Moral of this story never give up on yourself. even with a few chips. you can make your way back. or at least make your finishing postion better. i leave antoher post letting everyone know what postion my 85 chip come back left me in.