Ive been playing at pokerstars now about 14 mths.Started like you should litte micro tourneys.Have never played anything bigger than 2dollar 20cnt 180 sng. even won 1 for hundred and change.Ive made final table on .55cnt apr 1500 players.came 7th 12 bucks or so. THEN and i say THEN i joined this PSO thinking maybe to hone my skills.Well after 2 days  5 skills tourney im thinking i was just plan crazy or stupid. I know nobody wants to hear anymore bad beat stories.But i have never ever taken so many in such a short period ever......and its not just the bingo players you learn when to avoid them learnt that months ago.pretty well know when the over pair has me to.But these 2days im really begining to wonder if the software for PSO is differant than home site.They seem to be.I know quit your whining you say.And i will.Anyone else make the move over to the school after playing first for a year or so on home site find the move to school just as DUMB ???? Let me know before I slit my mouse clicking wrist.