Hi PSO'ers


As I'm writing this I've just watched the heads up battle between ElkY vs Jungleman12 on the GPL. Being able to witness the thought process of these legends really put things into perspective for me in terms of precisely where my game is at the moment.

I can clearly see that I'm headed in the right direction but at a slower pace than I believe possible. I mean I was over confident on how I've managed to octuple (8x times) my VPP's within a year and inches away from attaining GoldStar status that I kinda relaxed for a bit and halted studying the game. As if I'd gotten where I want to be in this game.

Clearly I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn before I can comfortably call myself a Pro.

You may be good enough to beat the level you're in but is that where you want to stay? Not if you want to be professional in this game - you need to keep learning, progressing and reaching for the Stars because your competition is constantly improving.

With so many educational tools found right here at Poker School Online I don't see why anyone can't achive their goals. It all comes to applying yourself and being disciplined enough to Work Harder than your competition.

My plan for the remainder of this year is to improve twice as much in every aspect of my game for example bet sizing, hand ranges, poker math, hand reading, etc.

I will admit that I lack having a schedule which I abide by and that's important for a poker player as it brings balance and order on improving in the games you play. I find myself missing poker skill leagues and weekly tournaments quite frequently.

Well that's it for now. Hope you take a few things from this post and I'd also love to hear your strategy on improving. Message or follow me on twitter to discuss poker - @NoS_IsTheName

Good Luck at the felts.