After playing on PokerStars for close to a year now I've pin pointed the mistakes that I make in poker. Surprisingly these mistakes are made away from the tables. Hopefully after reading this post you'll reflect on your own decisions and change these common bad habits.

Let me tell how it all started.

When I started I deposited $50 into my fresh account on PokerStars, man was I excited. I've been watching a lot of poker tournaments on TV and losing myself in fantasies. We've all dreamed of winning the Main Event, travelling to different tournaments all over the world and gaining the status of Pro. Living the rock star life, hanging out with models..... Sorry I got lost in fantasy there (LOL) but you catch my drift. So after watching poker for 2-3 months I decided I was ready to beat online poker, right?

It's the begining of 2013 I just turned 18yrs. Excited about the new year and the new beginings of financial freedom that it promises. Deposited the $50 and decided to test out my unknown skills by playing the Hubble freerolls. First one I played I received the ticket to the weekly freeroll with a $2k prizepool. Yayy! I was right, I am the best player the world is ever going to see. Reading poker strategies surely helped and I was applying them perfectly. I later cashed in that weekly freeroll. 

Things began spiriling down when I started playing cash games which I have no experience nor proper strategy on. About a week and a half later my bankroll was down from $100 ($50 + free $50) to my last $22 dollars. These FISH they gave me bad beats each and every tournament. No I was playing bad because of my newly found ego. Still playing in micro-stakes and I already had an ego *pshh*. At this point I had discovered the Sunday Storm which I've been itching to play for quite a while. Yep there I was, buying into the Sunday Storm on hopes of beating veterans with a thousand times+ my bankroll. Busted the Sunday Storm playing too tight on hopes to cash and the following day lost my entire bankroll. You know what follows next.... Blame it all on fish right?

I was badly wounded. Took a 3 month break from poker to lick my wounds and think about my future stinking job working 9-5, feeling like crap everytime I wake up for work. Came to the conclusion that I won't give up just yet after all I was playing great. All I needed to do was sort out my ego, bankroll management and avoid cash games for now. I didn't deposit again, instead I decided to play freerolls to gain experience and hopefully build a bankroll. After applying my A-game everytime I played, I had built my bankroll to about $3 from $0.00. A $1 of that is thanks to my second position on PokerSchoolOnline's Open League.

This brings us to a week ago. I came second again but this time in the $0.11 buy-in tournament for a WHOOPING $38. LOL I say whooping as if it was a million dollars, it felt like it though but nonetheless this was a huge ROI. Finally! I was back up again until...... You guessed it. Until I went back to cash games again trying to build a bigger bankroll faster. I am now down to $17 thanks to my STUPIDITY and lack of discipline.

My aim for writing this blog is to help those that struggle to win online by pointing out the mistakes that I made which might be mistakes you're also making. This post will also help me by serving as a reminder of how far I've come as a player and how much I've overcome in my poker career (haha). Whenever I lose focus - whether in a months time or once I've become PRO - I'll always read this particular post for that SLAP in the face we all need once in a while.

Please like, comment and/or subscribe to my blog as I will post more stories about my journey to the Top. I will write blogs but only about the final tables I make. That way not only does that motivate my subscribers, it motivates me to make those final tables as well.

Key Points:

1. Recognise Your Strenghts and Weaknesses (No more cash games for me for a while)

2. Get Your "Ego" in Check

3. Proper Bankroll Management