Is online poker rigged? This a question that most of us ask when we seem to have a never ending streak of badluck. I know cause I used to be that guy just a few months ago.


What changed you may ask? Well after getting tons of bad beats and almost breaking my laptop out of anger, I remember considering quitting playing online and just play live poker. This is something I wasn't prepared to do as online poker is so much convenient, besides going to the casino is too much effort and time consuming. So I had two choices - go play in a casino or find a way to beat online poker.

After a day or two of deep thought and feeling dejected I remembered the basic poker math which I clearly understood when I was starting out. Which is that any hand has a percentage of winning.....might be a small percentage but posssible. For instance KK vs QQ, the kings are a 4:1 favourite to win the hand 80% of the time or FOUR out of FIVE times. And when playing online that time goes by very quickly. Oh yeah but I lost with Aces all-in preflop twice in a row against gabbage hands. Well firstly there's a lot of fish playing online who either don't know how to play the game or think that poker is a game of luck, I bet YOU know such people huh? Secondly there's the fact that people are more likely to bluff (yeah let's call it that) online than live because they won't have to deal with the confrontation afterwards or be embarrased in front of the other players.


1. Accepted that bad beats will happen more frequently online - that's the price I'm willing to pay for me to be able to make money in my underwear.

2. Identify my opponents' styles and put them on a range of hands.

3. Fold my pocket AA to boards like 3 5 7 10 4 when the fish shoves the river, it's likely they have like 2 pair or even a straight. Difficult but profitable in the long run.

4. Study the strategy of beating fish. (Sorry the only source I remember is google)

5. Improve my entire game in general.

Since making these changes my game has improved substantially, in the freerolls atleast. #Grinding  That month (2mnths ago) I changed my game I finished in the top 2k of the PSO Open League leaderboard. Since then I've spent more time studying strategy than actually playing because I want to just be a consistent tournament winner for now, then move on to cashgames.

Hope this changed your mind and motivated you to focus harder on studying the game than just playing. We all love to play but playing is no fun when you're losing that's why you're reading this and on Poker School Online.

This is my first blog so feel free to live some feedback and share your thoughts.....lets discuss poker.

Good Luck At The Tables!