Hey all,

Haven't been on PokerSchool for a few years now. I forgot it was still around. But thats a whole other topic to talk about in the near future.


What I really came on here for is to talk about Bounty builders and Progressive KO tournaments, and to see what peolpe think about them.

I play on these more than the normal tournaments now, to get the chance of earning bounties after smashing somebody out of the tournament. But what I cant understand is how peolpe call all-ins hoping to catch a card to get a small bounty. It drives me crazy when 3-4 people are all in hoping to catch  the right card to get a bounty, risking it all for a small bounty just aint right, right???


I cant judge to harshly because I have done it a few times too, when I first started playing them I was excited about knocking people out and getting awarded for it. But lost more often than not because I was to greedy and not focusing on making it ITM.


I enjoy the game but does anyone have tips or there own opinion on this matter?