MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D :-D :-D :-D

Well in my last blog I was going on about how I needed to start playing properly so I can buy my family a van

Now I can go shopping for it.
Tonight I played THE BIG $27.50 (15K GTD).

Started bad as I do, then remembered what I was doing on here few good hands later I was over avg, and
kept it going.

In the 5th hour I was card dead for bout 1hr and a half, but still managed to keep my cool.
waited for the right hands and took full advantage of them.


Cant believe it Ive finally made a final table since how long
Head down ready to do this, got my family in the background cheering me on.
(so badly wanted to go out for a smoke every 5 minutes)
Hung in ther to make heads up (wooooohoooooooo)
Had a 2-1 chip lead so I was sitting comfortable.
(by now I was hanging out the door puffing none stop)


I had done it Kids jumping up and down yelling in my ear,
check prize for 1st place( I dont look at prizes till I am k.o.) $4,993.34
 It not gonna be the nicest van down my street but its a van.