It is time to knuckle down a play some real poker.

Here we go.
so far I have been playing  poker not PLAYING!!!! poker.
But now it is time to knucle down and play to the best of my ability.

I now am the father of 4 kids and the work van just doesnt cut it anymore. It has no seat belts in the
back and the boss is getting abit annoyed. My station wagon cant fit the 6 of us in there comfortably (or legally).And it broke down on us about 6 moths ago anyway.

So my main goal right now is to make enough money from PS so that my family can get us a decent van before xmas this year, then we can all go on a family camping trip!!!!:-P

In order to do this I will only play when I am in the mood too.
I work too many hours in 1 day to really sit down and play how I want to.
So I will be mainly playing during the weekends when I do have spare time just to concentrate on the game.

SO LETS DO THIS PROPERLY THIS TIME. PLAYING TO WIN FROM NOW ON!!!!!!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: