So not put in much volume tbh but I still managed to win a round 2 ticket and qualified the womens freeroll to the 10c game

In regards to the round 2 ticket I will definatley invest that in Sundays FL08 since the NLHE field is too risky for me and my edge in 08 should serve me so much better

As for the womens 10c game I am frankly gutted since I was so close to my first cash but a serial limper comes heads up against my bb while I hold Q4 on a flop of 8 4 4 (2 diamonds) and I run into K4 which was nice

So it's looking like Sunday is going to have to be my day fingers crossed cos I really find these freerolls a drain mentally and I have spewed a few of them through sheer annoyance so obviously hoping I don't have to suffer another week of them

Note to self: Control emotions and play optimal

Wanna share a boomhand from the womens freeroll qualifier I cashed in today which took me off tilt

This is Norko wishing you all the best

Run good