Hi there!


Thought to share my poker learning curve to keep track and see if there's any progress.

Anyways, don't get me wrong, I have played poker before with my friends. I've played freerolls and play money games, but never actually known the kitchen side of the game. I've just played.

After reading 'Poker Basics course' at PSO I was amazed, there's so much information I haven't moved to 'Cash Game course' yet, I'm reading the basics second time to memorize important stuff. Reading second time seems to clear some things that didn't clear at the first.

I now know my previous playing style, it was messy, loose and not agressive at all. Now I try to keep it tight and agressive. It truly pay's out, at least on play money table

First steps in real money cash game - I don't know if you understand me, but it's bloody scary It feels that I'm not owning the game, it seems that the game owns me. I'm afraid to bet, sometimes to call, even when I have the best pair in table after the flop. I fear that others might have better cards in their hands and I don't have the guts to bet or raise. Which is wrong of course.

At this moment in cash game I seem to be stable, I'm winning and losing. What should I do to win more. Should I be more agressive? Should I play more weak hands?

I have noticed that It's REALLY important to read the game, calculate the odds, guess what your opponent is holding by watching his game. Is he calling or is he raising or something else? If someone would be successful at that, it seems to me, he owns the game. Is it so?

Also, it seems that the river messes up many great games

Btw , how can I keep track about my winnings? Is there any software in PokerStars?


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