No updates for a while because I've been trying to learn how to play better and having some fun and even better, some success. 

It's been a good week/month.  Threw in a meager $20 deposit between Christmas and New Years to try and become active for this months league rankings.  Mission accomplished and grew that $20 a bit in the process.

Didn't stop at just becoming active, once January hit I worked on becoming active for Feb since I had the $.  Done and again, bankroll grew as well.  By about first week of January was up to about $27.   Continued to play in cash games at the 1c/2c level and continued growing my bank.  Also started playing in the 90 man .25 sit and goes with 2k chips and good blind level times.  Decent success in cashing in those and a few good finishes.

Another thing that has been nice are the 10410 games that I received tickets for from my deposit.  Think I have played in 6 or so and cashed in all but 1.  That really helped my bankroll.  Through this continued to play in cash games and generally build more bank.

By my birthday, 14th Jan, my bankroll was just about $35.  From there it's been in an great upswing.  My roll hit $40 plus and I moved to the 2c/5c cash games and have stayed. 

Between playing .25 sit and goes, cash games, and a couple Warm up cashes that i took the money and ran, and the 10410 games I managed to earn the VPP's for my deposit bonus of $10 last night.

All said and done, rough 70th or so in league currenly, bankroll is now a nice $72, and ready for my next downswing lol. 

Have to say, brm is the key.  Was at $35 and dropped to $27 once and that was my biggest drop so far.  I've managed to stay within what my roll allowed at the time and never felt it was at risk.  Makes it easier to play well and correctly when you arent worried about you're last dime or such.

Good luck all