A little about me, I've been playing home games for years, never great, never horrible.  I consider myself a decent/good poker player and joined the PSO to get a chance to play with better players.  I still make my fair share of bad chases or fall into a line of thinking of  "their bluffing" and make some dumb calls.  But in general I avoid making costly plays.  Win big, lose small.  Usually works for me.

I started out the month, my first online and in the PSO Skill games.  I think I've done well for myself and continue to learn -- we wont talk about my tilt early shove of JJ last game.  But I'm starting to think I have no idea how to play against most players.  As I type this I just got knocked out of a Daily $90 freeroll by someone who entered with a raise in late postion.  I opened with a call with from early with a A10.  It was a min bet raise so I decided to take a look...probably dumb in retrospect but I felt i had sufficient chips to look and lay em down if needed.  Board comes up all trash, nothing higher than a 7.  Feeling Im well in the lead I throw a decent pot size bet in, and immediatly get raised allin.  It this point I have them on A rag and make the call.  Nope, they had 24o and hit two pair on the flop...time for Uno.

Honestly, I am having a tough time even with a decent amount of patience playing in most games.  Last night I lost a hand to a 27.  Who the enters a pot even with just a call with a 27???

I've finished ITM several times in the PSO and don't feel it was from dumb luck...now I'm doubting that.  And everything I've played here looks the same to me right now.  Play AA and get beat by someone with 58?  What's the point?

You out there, yeah you...how do you deal with this?  Variance is one thing playing with an entire table of maniacs is different.  Looking for some suggestions and reassurance that not all Online games are like this always.  Thanks for listening to me rant and question and see you at the table.