I have now $115 bankroll. Been grinding mostly 50c 45 man and sometimes 90man. The 45 man give much boost to my bankroll and the 90man which has also a little profit like for about $12, which relatively small for what i got now.

As i've reached the $100 mark i was planning to move up stake, like 1 table of $1 SNG and multi tabling 50c SNG playing only 1% of my bankroll until i reached at some point that i'll be multi tabling $1 SNG. As you know 50c 45man was the game that gives a lot to my bankroll unlike the 90man, and so i was getting a hard time adjusting to the $1 90man SNG. There's $1 45man but it is not a turbo tournament which i really dont like and i'm not really comfortable playing.

So i got to the PSO forum on shares and staking to sell my action to one of the PSO'ers to reduce variance and to easily adopt to the $1 90man SNG and to have some insights on what i'm doing in this stakes. I got staked by PINOY_HITMAN for 10 games which did't really go well for i only got into 1 FT making negative profit overall. Well it was only 10 games and i'm only starting to get a feel in these stakes. So the staker provide me another stake to continue moving up, and i hope will get this 1 or 2 win.

Before I'll start the next 10 games, i'll be watching the strategy video of andre acoimbra playing 50c 90man which i think it has the same approach in $1 90 man.

As for the MicroMillions, I played 4 events so far and cashed only once. I did't really bought in for the full amount for i've been grinding the satellite for tickets which is really profitable as you can see on my bankroll now, like $12 on my bankroll is all touranament tickets which i won in satty. 20+ events still left and i hope i to score some 4digit  win, and also i'll try to satellite to the main event.