I will not be playing much this month of february for important matters and this will go on until mid april. I've been playing everyday since the start of my challenge and manage to be on the green side. I'm still on 50c 45man turbo's due to the bankroll which cannot handle much downswings on 1.5$ 45man turbo's. I tried the 1.5$ for some games and found out its more likely the same as the 50c but i felt scared maybe i'll lose all my bankroll.

For the 3rd month of my challenge, as this was started late november from 0-10k challenge. I have now a bankroll of 83.39$. My Plans for the 5th month which i'll be going back to the challenge. I'll spend more time studying plays and watching videos on the pokerschoolonline. Which will help me alot. 

I'll pause the 10k challenge on feb 11. but for now, I'll still be grinding. hope to be on the 100$ before feb 11.


That's all for now.