I've been playing poker quite sometime now both live and online. For this past year i have been playing mostly live tournaments and cash game in local casino's and poker rooms. Also made a deposit on pokerstars for 50$ in mid of 2012 and unfortunately go broke due to bankroll management and tilt issues. I really found poker fun and profitable if you can handle the downswings and also you can meet different kinds of people make friends.

Last March 2012 i graduated as an Electronics and Communication Engineer, unfortunately did't pass the licensure exam last October, maybe due to my poker hobby which splits my time. after that i've been playing freeroll's and made some small cash, then i joined pokerschoolonline and there is so much items that is very useful in improving your plays. Then i realize i should set goals to motivate me in my game. I have 4.04$ which i won on fulltilt freerolls and transfer it to pokerstars and 332.88FPP to start my goal, which is to achieve 50$ by the end of december but did't succeed. I'm still grinding my very small bankroll which is now 22.57$ and CHROMESTAR status, playing mostly 0.50 45man turbo's and zoom 2nl. I have been playing for the past weeks zoom 5nl but nothing really improve to my BR, due to variance and a big risk to my BR.

100k challenge of andre coimbra is very motivating which is good for people who are still trying to start at poker and be successful. Which leads me to this time vault challenge for the year 2013. Not really being too ambitious i wanna do the same as andre but for smaller "k", i set my goal or challenge myself this year to achieve a 10k BR., and i call it "10k challenge". I already started this last december as stated above for 4.04$ BR, so my goal is running for 13 months whice i think a plenty of time. but i will be taking again the license exam and probably take a break for 2 and a half months for studying, which gives me 10 and a half for the challenge, and hope i can still achieved the challenge. If i could pass the exam and made the challenge this could be a POKER BOOM to my life. May the POKER god's be with me. GOD BLESS US ALL..