I just finished my blog / trip report on my win at Caesars during WSOP this year and I just wanted to make sure and say thank you to all my friends here at PSO. I would NEVER have won that tournament without the school work and practice with all of you here at the school. You are all my “Online Tribe” and when I made it, you made it. The event that I am going to make sure that I go to next year will be the PSO convention, until then please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all of you individually, because without your help I would have written a blog about the monster $22.00 pot I won in the 2/4 limit game at the Luxor. I would have still been the luckiest guy in the world! I am not going to try and list all of you individually there just wouldn’t be room, but if you have ever typed in NH Nitrox, I’m talking about you, TY for allowing me to have a GG at Caesars Palace that night. See you at school, NitroxBoss The full story and photos are posted here: http://www.markhope.com/caesars_540.html