We checked in the night before and I made the reservations through the poker room. Normally, with that and a $20.00 bill for the girl checking us in, secures the one thing that Lucy requests when we go to Vegas: a lake view room above the 15th floor at the Bellagio. When you have a woman that is as wonderful as I have and she asks for something, you get it for her. Normally, it is not a problem like I said, however, this time the hotel was full and several phone calls couldn't fix it. It was 11:00 p.m. when we checked in, so we took the room in the Spa tower and were told we could get the room we wanted the next morning as soon as a guest vacated one. I played poker all night (until 7:00 am) and then went to the hotel registration desk to be the first on the list to switch rooms. Not only did the lady there tell me that a room wasn't ready she also told me that there would be no room that day and to check back tomorrow! This sent me back to the poker room to check with them and see if they could apply a little pressure. I wanted this room for LuAnn! The wonderful lady that normally helps me there, Collette, was out for 10 days vacation and Penny was working. Her reply was "Tough Luck Try Tomorrow". Thanks for the help, Penny. I went back out to the poker room and was talking to another employee and told them how disappointed Lucy would be for not being able to watch the fountains from the room that night. I had a spoken to this person last night about this very subject, so they knew how much LuAnn loved the lake view. Earlier that night, I also had an interaction with this employee regarding an order of Lobster quesadilla. I was hungry and wanted to eat at the table, but I only wanted this one dish. I was told that it was 4:00am and it wasn't available til 6:00 am. I laughed and said "you know people get it here, and you can have some". A half hour later I was sharing some of the best food I have ever eaten, with someone that knows a little more about customer service than most. Anyway, long story short, this wonderful person made one phone call and came over to the game I was in and said, "Your lady's room will be ready at 11:00 a.m.". I am relating this story to do two things. While I have protected this person's identity at their request, (which is why it is written in such an awkward manor), I still wanted to post a very heartfelt "thank you, you make the world a better place". Number two, please note this story and remember in your travels to be nice to people around you and it might turn a little lobster quesadilla into the answer to an unsolvable problem. I was sitting a table one night when the subject of lobster quesadilla came up and one of the guys at the table asked if it was good and this kid from New York jumped into the conversation and very passionately said "Chocolate Cake is Good. Sex is Good. Lobster quesadilla is AWESOME!" I don't know if it is all that, but my recommendation is the next time you are playing high limit at the Bellagio, order the lobster quesadilla and share it with a friend.