11:00 a.m. I wake up alone. My girls are off enjoying the day and I am rested and wide-awake, even though I only went to sleep at 7:00 a.m. There is something about this place, where I truly rest. I love coming here. Our family has a tradition called the fun drawer. We pick a drawer in the room and when we are out, we pick up fun stuff. Mostly snacks and candy bars and things like that and bring it back to the room and stock the Fun Drawer. I was on a MAJOR diet before we left Denver, but I am on vacation and all bets are off this week. Lets see how to start day two! I chose The Fantastic Four on pay per view and breakfast from the Fun Drawer (something on the order of a Rice Crispy Treat and Cheetos). I am really in the relaxation zone now. 2:30 p.m. When the phone rings, I have just gotten out of the shower and I am speaking with Gavin Writer; Hey Buddy, you gonna play in the 3:00 tourney? I respond with sounds good, you just get up? No way! I got up at 7:00, went swimming and had a breakfast of egg whites. How about you? Same here (LOL). I really need to show Gavin how to relax. The poor guy is missing the point. He has been on a diet also, but we are in Vegas man, let it go for a week. Gavin and I have a weight loss bet tied to the 2006 WSOP I will let you all know how it works out, but I aint eating any egg white breakfast in Vegas. I would rather pay him off. I will be right down, I need to call Jason. I promised him I would buzz him before the tournament. I call both his cell and his room, no joy. This is situation normal for Jason. The guy only answers his phone when he feels like it, which is not often. If he wants to talk to you on the phone, he will be doing the dialing. Its his world; we just live in it. I finish getting ready and head down to sign up. I am standing in line with Gavin, telling him he is a dork for dieting in Vegas and he is STILL going down to me on the bet. Jason walks up and starts busting my chops, for you guessed it Thanks for calling me! Boom, Zam, Right to the moon! I ask, is your phone even turned on? Einstein! Oh Shit. Perfect, shut up. You see we are male and we are the best of friends. This is how we bond. We dont know any other way, and in case you were wondering, this is also why not many women play poker. Women are smarter and more involved than men are. Jason and I draw the upper deck. Gavin and Ron, another friend of ours, are at another table. They signed up early... Shut Up Good luck guys. I get seated next to Pete Pac Man Lawson. http://www.worldpokertour.com/players/?x=profile&id=3181 He came in third to Doyle in the Legends tourney. How do I keep getting seated to the right of these monsters? I have been nice. This tournament structure sucked, the blinds escalated so fast in relationship to the chip stacks all four of us had to make desperate stabs and received unceremonious knock outs. We were hungry anyway. Off to the Bellagio snack bar for a $30.00 hotdog. After our snack, we were back in the poker room chatting with Pete. His Omaha game just broke and I look over and see four open seats in the 10/20 NL feeder game. Lets take our place guys. We are getting seated stacking our chips when a kid (24ish) walks up and takes the last seat, number seven. A guy in the two seat says Hey glad your back, I thought you lefter after what happened he must have taken a bad beat is what I was thinking. He puts down a little over $3,500 two grand in hundreds and the rest orange. He is hanging his coat over the back of his chair and the dealer feeds him a hand as he is sitting down. The eight seat is a MONSTER stack well over 30 K the kid is first to act and he makes it $120 to go. The MONSTER beats him in the pot, two others call and the flop is J83 rainbow. The kid makes it 240 and the MONSTER says make it 480, the other two players fold and the kid says, Im all in. The Monster speed calls. They both flip over their hands and the kid is way ahead. He has a set of jacks. The MONSTER unluckily has a set of threes. The kid couldnt be in better shape. His opponent only has one out; he is a 98% favorite. The turn is a blank and the river is a nightmare. The case three comes The MONSTER has made Quadzilla and the kids Jacks full are second best. He says un%^$%&ing Believable and walks straight out of the poker room, leaving his coat behind. Poker is an odd girl. Things like this happen and NOTHING was going to stop this. After the flop, both players made their set and all the money was going in. The thing that makes me shiver is the fact that the whole time that case three was already locked and loaded in the dealers hand, ready to come out when the kid was taking his coat off. Note to self: Never put money into play that you arent willing to live without. The rocks are sharp and the bridge has some slats missing. Look for the next installment when tribe takes over the main game.