Man was I ever hot last night; just hand over hand, I was a card rack for premium hands and when I got in tough shape with rags my slim out came home. What a night! I go to the poker room around 8:00 and the list is 45 minutes to an hour. Who the hell knows what that means. It could be a while. I decide to also put my name on the 15/30 and 30/60 limit list. I think about signing up for some lower limits, just to get in a game, but whenever I play in the lower games, I end up trying to run over the game. I always have a lot of fun doing that and I am normally positive at the end, but I dont want to get stuck in crazy mode later in the big game and get it handed to me, so I pass. I talk a walk around the poker room to see if any of my poker pals are around and get a peek at what the name brands are up to. First stop, the upper deck. The upper deck is now one of the second highest areas to play poker in Vegas. The number one being the new glass enclosed room they call Bobbys room, after Bobby Baldwin. You need to really be a player to go in there, minimum 2000/4000 blinds limit or 100/200 no limit. The upper deck is now a place for the 10/20 no limit game, which is now 3 tables, two feeders and a main game most of the time. Tonight there was also an 80/160 holdem and some 100/300 mixed that was short-handed in the corner. I ran into a staple of the poker world while I was walking, none other than poker Pete. Pete is the nicest pro you will ever meet. A lifetime ago, Pete was a touring pro, but these days he is happy to grind out a very comfortable living in the 20/40 Omaha High/Low with a kill game. Sound nasty? It is, believe me. I have sat in that game before and it is deep water, plus it is ten handed and nine seats are filled with regulars like Pete. They spend all day beating on each other while waiting for some fish (See: Mark or Jason) to sit down in the open seat. Kaity bar the door when that happens, it is a blood bath and those guys pay their rent in about an hour and the confused donor has just learned a new poker term, Dead Money. I am chatting with Pete, who is normally not here this late in the evening and he explains he is stuck a little. My name gets called for the 15/30, I wish him luck and he says Flopem Dead. I intend to, what a nice guy. Table 36, right next to Bobbys room, I look over to see Jennifer Harmon, Todd Brunson, Johnny Chan and Barry Greenstein through the window, No one is laughing in there. Oh well, I am unracking. I bought in for $500.00, my usual amount for this limit. I notice right away that we have two co-table captains in charge of the game and in three hands, I have spotted at least 5 solid calling stations and one fat guy in an orange polo with a black collar. I swear to God, he looks just like Fred Flintstone! Limit is a little different experience, especially with all these weak players calling every bet. Dont try to make a move here boys, you will just need to be patient and show the best hand. I just fall into my normal limit routine, order 1 coffee black & a Perrier, put in the left plug of my Ipod and just sit back and wait. I always listen to the same song over and over while I play, that way I dont have to concentrate on a new song all the time and really it just provides a soundtrack to me busting someone out. Tonights theme is Let's Get It On, by Marvin Gaye, I get distracted sometimes and I actually find myself singing out loud, and that can get REALLY funny! I chose the song for the Lets get it on reference but there is a part that says Since we got to be, Lets live (I love you) and you guessed it, I am staring a hole in Fred Flintstone and I actually say out loud I Love You. You WHAT!? J Oops. He is in the big blind and I am one off the button. Everyone folded to me, so what the heck, I have an A7 Spades and I would normally just let this hand go in a limit game because it is so easily beaten by so many hands post flop, but, hey its me and Fred and we are in love in Vegas. I say Fred, lets make this our own private dance, I raise! The button calls, the small blind folds and Freddy sees the flop with me. I flop the slot machine, J77 rainbow. I actually say WOW Fred makes a 15 dollar bet and I turn to the button and say, This is a private dance, I raise, make it 30. I get an odd look from the button and he re-raises. Fred says ok smart alic, you want to dance? Re-raise! I say awe Fred, I raise and that is cap. All told, we now have $280.00 in the center. I am a little worried that one of these guys has pocket jacks. Please, dont let it be Fred at least. The turn brings a 4 of clubs, there is now a flush draw on deck and the betting is still three-way and it caps again. I am now REALLY worried. We have put in another $450.00 and the pot is at $730.00. With 2 players, I am positive I am behind now. I won a couple of small pots before this disaster, but I still only have $320.00 left of my original $500.00 and small pre-disaster profits. The river brings an ace of diamonds and Fred actually says shit check I do love this guy! I have 2nd nuts. (If he has pocket aces I am going to make him rich because I am getting in as many bets as I can). I look at the button and say, do you have an ace? while I bet out 30 bucks. My heart races when he says, I sure do, make it $60.00. Fred stammers for like 5 minutes and I say Fred, your donefold already STOP calling me Fred asshole and I had you dominated before you got your lucky ace on the river! He folds KK face up in the much and the dealer shouts SIR, we still have players to act after you. I am sorry but he is really making me mad! I say Hey, its just poker, nothing personal. **** You! The dealer says ENOUGH of that! I smile at Fred and say raise, the button re-raises and we go back and forth *unlimited because we are heads up now. All my money goes in. $320.00 more for both of us and the pot ends up at $1460.00 total. I short called the last bet, so I say its yours to show boss. He flips over an Ace and a Jack, Top two pair BOSS. That is good for second place and I show him the 7, I look at Fred and say I didnt need this as I show him the Ace. The table roars, I toss the dealer five reds and I get started stacking when I hear Nitrox 2/5 No Limit. Thats my train, thanks for the game everyone. The button reached below and handed me two empty racks and said Nice hand man, what a nice thing to say, That is a classy thing to say, good luck. Look for part three and we will see if Nitrox is Boss at No Limit also. * The dealer actually makes a mistake here because the hand didnt start heads up so the bets should have been capped at four raises but who am I to correct the dealer.