There is a blog by SamIam Entitled: "Its not a "NH" unless its a winner and its not a "GG" unless its a cash" The post goes into a long diatribe about how it is rude to say good game and nice hand, the thread is so filled with hate posts because people don’t like Sam’s behavior that putting anything else there would just get lost. I would like to state upfront that I think a lot of times when I read what you sam has is intelligent and well thought out and seems to come from a person that loves poker and has played his fair share. I think that the fact that you are surly and hard to get along with clouds your message Sam, language like “fist in the face” just makes you sound adolescent. Anyway that is why I started a new post for my point of view. I have also witnessed Aaron (Hazy) go off on this after he gets knocked out and some poor soul says it. This is my opinion if you don’t agree, that doesn’t make it wrong. (1) I say GG to everyone and it is a Good Game, I enjoyed the time we spent together as friends. We are alive and having fun, playing the game we all love. If you cash it’s an even BETTER game. (2) You are really going to tell me that if I show Four Aces and you show a straight flush, mine wasn’t a nice hand because it lost? The real point here is that you guys need to get a life and marry some poor girl that you will make miserable trying to control her every action and then she will divorce you and take you for everything you have. Then when someone says after you remarry and regroup that you have a “Nice Life” I will jump out of the bushes and say BS he doesn’t have a nice life because I have more money than him! If it is within the rules of the game you need to be very careful what you tell the other players in the game to do or not do unless you share their DNA. The new people might not feel comfortable but I sure do, tell me how to act or what to say in a poker game and I will feel I have the right to tell you what to do and I will probably tell you that you can kiss a part of my anatomy that has hair on it. Who the hell do you think you are? Control your own behavior and lead by example. Tim McManus told powers that he thought he was disrespecting the game by dark betting in a limit WSOP event at the final table and I can tell you everyone I have ever talked to about that agreed with my take on it. McManus looked like a crying little baby! I would love to see Doyle Brunson tell another player “Don’t say that I don’t like it” You guys are good players no question, if you make it your personal policy not to say NH after a suck-out, I will join you in that cause of my own free will because I agree, but stop whining and telling me what to do and say. That is my two cents Nitrox – Not As Bossy As Those Other Guys