Join the community it is said , a great place to learn and become a better player . There is truth in this but alas not at the start . If you are new and do not wish to throw away your money , by this I mean your starting out at micro stakes  say $0.02/$0.04 cash games and say $0.10 SNG's because that is all that your bankroll permits , and of course the freerolls , Well , that is where I am at and to be honest no one ( well maybe a few ) cares about do's and don'ts ... it's a bingo fest  nothing more . As a beginner , iy is recomended that you play tight remember position and bet sizing . If you stick to this format at the above mentioned games , you will either get your blinds eatin up at the MTT and SNG games , if your really lucky you may make  to one round after bubble play ... but you will never win an SNG or MTT . Unless you get nothing but live cards and everyone else misses , which we all know never happens . You may get like me  in one hundred hands about 7 playable hole cards  ( by playable I mean maybe 2 big pairs, 2 medium pairs or AKs AQs AKo AQo and about 3 suited connecters . Not to bad you say , but wait not all those mentioned above can be played in all positions . now if 4 of these playable hands happen to come to you when you are utg1 ,2  or even mid1 or 2 they become unplayable if you are a tight player (which is what you are supposed to be as a beginner . But wait  you are the cut off and are looking at QQ and every1 has folded to you (yessssss you think to yourself and make the correct size bet   , big blind shoves all in ... now what , you have seen this player and know he is very loose so you call right ? Bingo he shows his cards and it is 10 4o .... perfect but wait the flop is 10 4 K  . say by by to the ladies you lose . Ok you say this happens from time to time ... not to me it happens 7 times to every 1 that I win ... with those odds why keep playing . Just something to think about while I try to build my bank roll to reach a level of play where there is less bingo and more skill involved .I need to also build my vpp's so I can learn more things  . you need as much as 150 vpp's to get some of these teachings , hard enough to get 20 before the month runs out and you start again from zero . Limited BR = limited available material to learn = welcome fish .


May your cards be live more often than mine are and your rivers run wild for you not the other guy or gal