Hi again


as all says, some times in poker, you only need luck to win a hand my purpose to discuss this hands with u simply is to let me know if I play it right ? or should I play it different ?


couple nights ago, playing open poker league and I got to 2000 players left. I got good chips ( about 12K if i remember it right). hand dealt, I was in button and dealt AJos. blinds where 200/400 and UTG raises to 1000. all folded to me and I simply called and the blinds folded so its heads-up. flop was Q 10 4 rainbow. UTG raises 400 and I called. turn was K and I got top straight. UTG raises to 1000, I r-raise 3000 and he goes all-in. I thinks its safe way to call, so I called it and he showm me pocket queen. the river was another 4 and i fac full house and busted


so is it any way to prevent such bustings ? am I read him bad ? should I play very conservatively and fold on flop ? 


what is your opinion guys ? or what you do in similar positions ?