Hi hope u all doing fine

last night, I register for 0.25$ sit& go tourney with 90 players I play tight till I dealt pocket ace, someone go all-in and I called and I got double up next hand, I again dealt pocket ace yes I know its very rare but I think that was my lucky night again some one raise, I re-raise and we go all-in and he falls down too lucky me

I was cheap leader about 20 hand later and doing pretty good handling the table.

1 hand, I was big blind, blinds were 400/800 and some one raise 1600 from middle position (Player A). I got A2os. 3 other guys including me, called and we saw flop. it was Jc, 2c, 8h. player A was in late position. small blind (player B) check, me too, other guy too and Player A cheks too. the turns was dealt and it was 2h. Player B checks, I raise 1600, other guy fold, Player A called, player B re-raise to 4300, I called and Player A called too. river was 6c. Player B raise 1600, me called, Player A going all-in, Player B fold and I called and see the nuts flush (A10c) on Player A.

where did I do wrong ? should I check the turn to see the river free ? then it would be obvious that he got flush and i wont go all-in. or should I go All-in on turn and make Player A fold ?