well today was a good day, could have been better but have learned more.

just now finshed my cash game in 7th place. also meet some more new people. and learned some more info today on playing pocket pairs at the final table. as of all that i placed ok, was hopping for first but 7th is good also puts money from my losing streak back in my account. as for all the tourneys today placed really well. at least made cashes in about 4 of them today. well anyways lets see how well i do tommorrow.

i still say i do alot better in person, at least i can get tells and reads. lol. as of all that i think im getting this online thing down now. cant wait to see how i do in a live game now. i can take what i've learned and see how i do, anyways now to start moving up in this pso and see how well i do in there.

still need to learn how to add freinds ive meet alot of peaple i would like to chat with anyways maybee i'll run into them again.