Since two or three days I've been grinding 45man sng. For a cost of 0.25$ and a payout of 3,30+/-, it is a good grind for my style. In addition they are non-turbo which is nice because you have the time to be patient.

    I tried today to play 20 of these in stack mode ... ... ... too much information in same time . Ten is the optimal amount of table. I payed all my expenses since I've tried these, yay !!! Will work my way back to rebuild my bankroll

   The downside of these sng is that they are  only 0.11fpp worth... , so 2 hours of play for only 1fpp is a bit sad.

   Why pkrstrs did you changed the FPP reward in those micros 

   1$ 45man wait for me i'm coming to get you !!!