Hi everybody,


       today had been a really bad emotion day, my 12 years old cat died, we learned that my mother-in-law who is left with a heart working with only 10% of its strength won't finish th years, and I feel really depressive.

       For me poker is a passion, I study, watch poker videos, read blogs and forum, review my hands. I understands ICM, hand strength, position, push/fold, etc. 

      If you follow a bit this boring blog you must have understood that I try to grind the STT. It's not going well.  This morning i lost all my overcard/pair or pair/overcard flip.  Played a micro MTT, four hands doomed me : AA twice, (called two times by QJo, one trip and one two pair), KK (folded on the flop) and finally QQ. 

       I know that it would help to be coached but when you have 4 childrens, a home and two cars there is not much left to deposit to play poker, hire a coach, buy a HUD program plus I know that playing 0,50$ stt won't help, because the people there don't care about the price of half a cup of coffee. If you look at my graf in the last +/- 500 tournament (9man/spin&go) you will see, maybe i'm not a lot under but would you invest on a horse like me ?

      I lost a lot passion today with online poker, but, where else can you grind 4,5,6,10 tables at a low cost. Where can you play 5$ MTT. Not live, sure we have friends who can play some home games for 10-20$ but ... everyday, anytime ? NO !

    At least I had a great hour playing spin&go 22 tournaments, 8x3$ and 14 x1$, finished with a profit of 12$ (profit of 0,54$ per tournament) which is good.

       Sorry for the whining, had to empty the trash can.