I know everybody will talk about downswings but since the beginning of this blog I lost about 30$ in 0,50$ STT. 


I lost it in 1772 tournament ... wich is not much considering the amount of tournament I played, but ... ... I would like to win, so few question could be asked


1- In these stake nobody seem to understand the ICM (or so) should I move up ?

2- Can monster holecards preflop survive ? (JJ, QQ, KK, AKo+) called by ... AXo, underpair or suited connectors and lose ( I learned not to call an allin with 77 or less and my AK keep getting busted by small pockets)(i'm talking about ICM shove not full ring shove)

3- In the higher stakes (1,50$, 3,50 or 7$) is it better ?

4- Do I think i'm good and i'm not as good as I think ?

I swear that i'm not beaten by regs (in 1,7k tournament you learn to spot them) they say that the bad players make you win ton of buy-in instead they make me lose kilos of buy-in

I don't want to complain, I just need advice, help, maybe I should start searching for a coach ( with a bankroll of 200$ and buy-in of 50c, is it logic to get a coach ?)

I don't want to quit my job but I know I have a huge potential to be a huge poker player and this doesn't seem to come, I surely makes mistakes but ... i'm speechless 


Nicobye !