Hi, it's been awhile

          Bankroll management dictate my buy-in for my STT grinding.  I respect the pro rule (1/100 of the bankroll)

           so i had 200$ and started to play 1,50$ STT(turbo) (weird blind structure btw) and lost 48$(152$ left) got back to the 0.5$ STT then grinded my way back to 183$. (i'm using the PBJ system from Greg Jones or Colin Moshman strategy). My Poker play sure must be ... let's say : not so bad.

          Why not give another try to the 1,50$. Again got back to 160$ ... what is just happening ?  My UTG raise called by BB with 52o.  My AA, KK getting sucked out, small to medium pocket pairs getting beat by Ax or any 2 facecards, my AK,Q,J getting knocked by pocket pairs. 

     Damn !!! Give me a break !!!!

I know it's suppose to be variance, maybe I'm not as good as i think ... should i stick to the 0.5$ ?  Should I stay at 1,50$ and the downswing will stop (keep the faith) ?

Is it getting better at higher stakes ? Will I be bullied like a poor geeky, goggly, skinny, carrot-top freshman ? 


(Advice would comfort me) 


P.S. : sorry for the complaining, here's some potatoes