I don't have the privilage of living near a land base casino so the online was great for me as I get the impression it was for alot of people actually if they lived near one or not... I am so pissed off at our gov its beyond words that I'm allowed to type here ... after the black friday I was still able to play at a site for a free wsop ticket in vegas which the final is to be held in june as I went to the site to check progress and yes to spy on the players that I will be facing in the final the site just posted all U.S players will no longer play for prize money as we all have heard the phrase due to recent u s gov policies what a crock of bs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I havent been removed from the finals when I last checked but I expect I will be due to my stupid azz gov. yes Im pissed as players we all know when ya have that winning run going ya ride it out all the training I had gotten from the pso was paying off I was only going to have to face 450 max in the final for the ticket yes still alot and no sure thing but everything was feeling good like it was all going to fall into place .... now I have the feeling I will never know thanks to my greedy greedy gov who for being the gov of the land of the free are more like a gov of the enslaved !!!! I know alot of players from the states made a living playing online I wasnt that lucky I just did the school and the freerolls every now and then I bought into a tourney and I did pretty good my biggest win was 450 yea not alot but hey for a 8.00 buy in that was great ... I know for one I'll never have the extra cash of 10,000 to buy into the wsop and I know its a long shot to win a seat on line but to come so close and have it taken away not by the poker gods but a greedy gov sure will cause someone to go postal !!! I hope I am wrong but the latest action by my gov I believe is going to hurt the sport and numbers at future events people may argue that but I think it will .. I hope Im wrong about the final tourney I'm in I hope I am allowed to still play but I wont hold my breath as its becoming a domino effect across the internet of our freedom to play online but if by chance I am allowed I will post update if i'm unregistered from the event I will let ya all know good luck to everyone wish I could say hope to see ya soon but we all know how stupidly slow this gov acts etc ... take care everyone be safe nick