well I made it past the 3rd rd of tourneys made it to the final rd which will be played in june so it looks like free ride to vegas for the wsop is in site it has been a rough three tourneys but pso helped me deal with the bad beats during the tourneys and to survive to advance to the next and to the final rd winner takes all.I do find it very interesting that I am still able to play at that site ( not naming) for wsop tickets .. but we cant do that here at pokerstars or full tilt the ones that got caught ??? anyways like i have stated before i am applying what i learned in pso and am making a great run for vegas !! gl everyone and dont expect to see us U.S. players back here anytime soon and to be honest I dont know if pokerstars will be allowed to operate anymore in the us after this ?? who knows ???  I do know no one is talking I wonder why ?? gl have fun hope to catch ya at the tables somewhere nick