well  i am pissed but what canya do its out of our hands but i am glad to have played in the pso it did help my game when i applied what they were teaching but most time in the league play I just used it to try out new ways and forms and situations which was okay for me cuz i wasnt trying to win the league i used it for practice I used what I learned from the pso to win scoop tickets which I cant use now won chances to be on the big game show and the million dollar challenge not once but twice for each but I have no video cammera so wasnt able to carry thru with it oh well no regrets I am still able to play at other sites and am believe it or not in the running for a free ticket to the wsop im in rd 3 which i play this sunday i dont have to win to advance to the finals which due to pso league play has helped so I see light at the end of the tunnel maybe just maybe Ill win that free ride to vegas with the help of some great cards and even better flops but i know it has to do alot with what i learned from pso and the players i watched and played against I look forward to when and if we can ever comeback and be allowed to play here it has been fun I wish everyone the best of luck in everything ya do I still come here to post and to use the pso tools take care  nick