wow what a great game sad but happy you can only play one a week but ya want to know the truth i'm glad you can only play one of the freerolls a week !!!!! it makes for a great game !!!! yes i say that even tho i only finished 142 out of 12000 i gave it a great run but i know deep down i will qualify for this one next week yes my pso league score sucks but thats a different beast in itself cuz ya are facing players that really dont care cuz they will just enter the next one etc ya know the story but thats okay we need that as they say lol i started off good the first day but the past couple havent been kind at all so will just have to knuckle down as they say and ride it out and hope it improves my game for the game of your life freeroll next week gl everyone have fun see ya at the tables