well I am not where I want to be as far as the rankings ended for jan but lets not soon forget last week I was ranked 12000 and something oh yea the basement and it was dirty down there have to remember to clean it up some next time I'm down there lol but I was able to recover and finish out 1470 with a score of 1630.47 hey I would have loved to have finished higher but it was a rough ride this month but playing in the wbcoop really helped and in the pso warm up qualies now as I said before it is here in writing that my goals for this month in the league is 10 yes ten final tables top 20 in the league and to win at least 2 sunday mil tickets thru the pso warm ups yes pretty dreams but ya have to set the bar high and go for it never fear failure never trying is failure in itself gl everyone have fun and mix it up..... okay played first tourney this morn wow how soon i forget that people here dont respect a 3 bet when they are out of position and secondly they dont stop chasing the 2 best pr on the board lmao oh well then the same thing happens again in the pso warm up what is the deal ??? no i'm not on tilt just confussed as to why ? dont they understand the logic of hands and each time they call with a very very marginal hand !!! why? who knows but again I have newly noted those players and will take care of business the next time we meet which i hope is alot and put them in the cellar where they will learn lol