Well it sure was a  great time !! Now I may not have had the greastest showing in the wbccop all week long but I did have fun learned new games and grew to hate some lol..as for the main event yesterday what a ride it was I only finished 49th wish i could have gone deeper but I had been card dead for 2 hrs not much ya can do and I learned along time ago ya just cant force it they are either there or not there and when they arent dont reley on bingo .. but I love when guys look up your past play and pre judge ya lmao had a guy who must be a good money winner call me a micro failure player well I had the sweet taste of knocking him out of the main event early !!!! as it is said never judge a book by its cover other than him I again meet some nice people in the tourney  I cant wait for the coop events to come and i want to thank everyone that stopped by the tourney and supported me  gl everyone and remember to have fun